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Social Emotional Learning

Welcome to SELebrate You! This website is dedicated to SELebrating Social Emotional Learning every day.


As a classroom teacher and SEL Coach, I have the joy of teaching social emotional learning and educating and sharing valuable resources with our teacher and parent community.


I believe that Social Emotional Learning is the ground floor of education and each day

I see the transformation that happens when children start understanding their emotions, recognizing their strengths, becoming aware of the world around them, and building their relationships and responsible decision-making skills.


SELebrate YOU is my passion and I want to share it with you. If you are an educator, parent, mentor, or anyone invested in the life of a child, I hope you join me on my journey to make difference in the life of a child, one that reaches far beyond the classroom.


Always SELebrate You,




Think Outside the Box

This activity strengthens flexible thinking skills by helping kids imagine possibilities. It teaches kids to look at things from a different perspective, helps them develop an appreciation for the work of others, and allows them to see how unique and creative they each are in their own way.


See the student creations by clicking the Think Outside the Box Thursday activities below: