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Magnify the moments in your classroom & maximize social emotional learning with the perfect picture book! Do you want to highlight mindfulness in your classroom or teach about empathy,

or perseverance?


Click on the picture to access my SELBookNook, a growing library of my favorite picture books. The picture books that make an impact with my kids!




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Each picture book includes:

the SEL Book Quote I use to inspire and empower my kids and the SEL Building Blocks/Themes the book connects to.


The SEL Book Quote is how I Inspire and Empower my kids and fuel meaningful and in-depth conversations.


 "What does the quote mean to you?" I ask this simple question which sparks lots of conversation and organically leads to more questions and observations that meet the social-emotional needs of each child.


Click on the picture to the left to visit my SEL BookNook and while you're there, be sure to click on each book to be directed to Selebrate YOU's  very own Amazon store (affiliate links).  There you can read a summary of the book and if you want, you can purchase it, too!


Let me help you build your very own SEL BookNook!

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Take a Look at the Featured Book Below!

From “Thanks for the Feedback” to “Uniquely Wired”, I LOVE anything by @juliacookonline and her new book, I'M STRETCHED is no exception

“There’s a lump in my throat, my stomach’s in knots, I feel like I’m a drone! I need four of me to get everything done, I wish I had a clone!”

From homework to grades to extra curricular activities, friends, family commitments, and a host of other things, kids are stressed and they feel like a rubber band, STRETCHED to the max! 

We can all relate to that feeling, right? 😳 And, while stress is a part of life, it’s essential to have the right tools to balance everything and manage it in a healthy way! .

I’M STRETCHED is a story all kids can relate to. It teaches them different ways to handle it all, so that they are not so stretched that they can’t find the joy in being who they are and doing what they love and what matters to them! 
The story is filled with important tips to help kids self manage, like take time to breathe, say no to things you can’t fit in, exercise, and schedule some “ me time”every day.

And as always, there’s a wonderful section for parents and educators! .
Click on the affiliate link below and add I’M STRETCHED! to your SEL BookNook, today!!!💜💜

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