Check Ins

Providing kids with an opportunity to check in and connect with their feelings is essential. It builds emotional intelligence while enhancing self awareness, promoting social awareness, and fostering a sense of empathy. Additionally, kids develop active listening and strong communication skills.

Checking in isn't always easy. For this reason, children should always have the choice to check in within the group, one on one with you, or to opt out for the day.


Also, providing check ins that are fun and creative, and switching them up often is key. As students focus on what they're creating within their minds (or hands) they focus less on what they are sharing, and more on what they are doing. Soon, they find themselves expressing their emotions, receiving support from peers, and doing the same for others. It's a beautiful thing to watch!

Here is a free resource for you! It's a collection of some of our favorites. Click on the picture below, download it, and give it try!

Always SELebrate YOU~Tina

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