• Tina Centineo

What is Social Emotional Learning and Why Does It Matter?

Your child identifies an obstacle, brainstorms a plan to overcome it, and perseveres right through it....Things don't go exactly as planned, but instead of having a meltdown, your child shifts his/her thinking, regroups, and approaches things from a new perspective....Today, your child expressed their frustration through a calm, well articulated I-statement. These are amazing accomplishments and just like learning your ABCs and learning to count to 100 are essential skills, so is Social Emotional Learning.

Social Emotional Learning or SEL is made up of five competencies including self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. That's the big picture. Now imagine meaningful, relevant lessons like the ones above that are infused into your child's learning. Life lessons that build resiliency, reflection, empathy and teach kids about collaboration and strong choices. ​It makes a difference!

Social Emotional Learning matters and has life long benefits. I teach it and make it a part of my students' learning every day. I see it in action, and there are no words to describe how it benefits them.

When you see that self-confidence start shining in their eyes, and you watch them shift their thinking and start to grow through mistakes comfortably, you know great things are happening!

When they start building meaningful relationships, showing compassion for others AND themselves by identifying what they need to manage their emotions and problem solve, it is indeed a game changer. When they start to recognize from an early age that their feelings matter and that they deserve to be understood, listened to and respected, it is the moment you know magic is happening!

I shared the video below with my parent community because I think it shows how powerful and ESSENTIAL Social Emotional Learning is for everyone! When we meet these needs, learning is much more seamless. SEL provides a solid foundation, which I know my kids will benefit from their entire lives.

Social Emotional Learning is a beautiful gift we can give our children.

SELebrate You Always,


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