SEL Toolbox

If you want to get the job done, you need a toolbox!

Take a look at my SEL Toolbox for  activities, ideas and  Check-Ins to support

social emotional learning in the classroom and at home.  

SEL BeachBall

What is the one thing you’re going to try to do better tomorrow?

My most treasured possession is...Would you rather be a giant hamster or a tiny rhino? What makes someone an empathy superhero?


Three adjectives that describe me are...A couple of years ago, I made this beach ball full of questions and prompts that are engaging, build self and social awareness, and promote a growth mindset. This beach ball has been making us reflect, critically think and laugh ever since. Toss the ball to someone. Wherever their right thumb lands, that’s the prompt or question they answer!  It’s a hands-on activity that supports the kids’ social-emotional learning in many ways. Plus, it teachers active listening and appreciation for different perspectives.


Have a sharpie and a ball? Create one for your Morning Meeting time.


Questions and prompts are available on TPT as a list or set of conversation cards.